Posted by: epsyck | January 12, 2008

Hmmmm…what to knit?

I had been working on the Serpentine Mitts. But for some reason I can’t get the pattern through my head. It’s not that it’s a badly written pattern or anything…I think I’m just a bit slow (or rather I have trouble following two different sets of directions at the same time). And for some reason, the cables aren’t making sense to me. Even though I’ve done more difficult cables than that. So I frogged and they have been put aside.

Then I was thinking about socks (since I have sock yarn) but was sort of eh. I need to measure my feet so if I can find a measuring tape around here I can do that, but I’m not really excited about it. Although it would be a nice mindless project.

And I have that Noro Iro for the neckwarmer. But I don’t have my stitch dictionaries with me, and rather than use somebody else’s pattern, I’m going to attempt to write my own (this could be entertaining!). Really by write I actually mean use some stitch pattern and then either button it/tie it with ribbon/use that nice pin I bought three years ago to fasten it.

So I may indeed to back to working on another pair of handwarmers, just with a different pattern. Maybe I will be able to go back and do those serpentine mitts – but it just isn’t in me at the moment.

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