Posted by: epsyck | January 14, 2008


So has anyone other than me, my friends, and my boyfriend ever seen Hot Fuzz? It’s by the same guys who did Shawn of the Dead. Absolutely hilarious. But there is this one character who only says Yargh (i.e. yes) and Nargh (no). And for some reason I have had Yargh playing through my head all day.

The good news (apart from the fact that my fish is still alive, I haven’t killed the cats, the Giants won, and that when the cat chewed on my ring from my boyfriend for the second time and yes it was put in a ‘safe’ place she popped out the stone but did NOT eat it!) is that my short knitting blahs are gone. I just finished the first of a pair of knucks with some random discontinued lion brand purple heather something (Really, it’s beautiful yarn, purple with a lot of deep red undertones, I think it’s acrylic, but who knows) that I bought years ago. I had thought for some reason that the pattern would be difficult because of its lable (piquant) – but they were super easy. I finished this one in 24 hours of really relaxed knitting (all it needs is the ends woven in, I can’t find my scissors at the moment so I’m doing that tomorrow).

I’ll probably finish the other one tomorrow-ish. Then start packing/mailing things back to NYC. Oh, and finish reading those books for my job interview. And review the countries I need to know about for my interview (which I haven’t scheduled yet…). Also, it’s rather entertaining that the info session for one of the federal agencies I’m looking at is on a federal holiday.

Oh, and roasted baby carrots are heaven. Caramelized carrot…I will dream about it for WEEKS. Sometimes I am glad that my father is a wannabe foodie. (the entire menu was a roast pork tenderloin with apple sauce, roasted organic baby carrots, roasted golden beets, mashed potatoes – with brownies for dessert. super easy, but absolutely to die for.)

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