Posted by: epsyck | January 15, 2008

I want chili

Which is ironic…because I don’t even like chili. But I do want it. A lot. I’m sure this has to do with the snow we had falling all day (not that I left the house or anything). Or the fact that chili sounds WARM (ironic…no?). Or maybe just that if the cats tried to mooch chili off me…they would not try to mooch chili again. (We have a problem with mooching kittens. They will eat and steal everything. Drop a nut on the floor…BAM it’s gone. They also love to steal french fries. They’re really more like dogs than cats.) Speaking of mooching – my horrifically pink sweatpants now have two holes in them and my leg has a drag mark because the big fluffy cat thought she was the small evil agile cat and assumed she could jump up on my leg to steal my toast. And she failed. (There is the evil one – who is actually the only cat who isn’t on my bad kitty list today. The fluffy one. And the lunk.)

Also, I am currently trying to keep up with world events. It’s tough. There is a lot going on. This is ironic because I’m a poli sci major and more informed than most, but darn it my area of expertise is Eastern Europe and I can wax poetic about pretty much everything Russia (like their creepy youth organization Nashi – literally Ours – which dresses in Red talks about how women should have many babies, and how Putin is awesome. It’s like summer camp crossed with the scientology with a little bit of 1950s gender stereotyping thrown in.)

I go back to NYC on saturday. And no, I have not started packing yet. Oops.


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