Posted by: epsyck | January 16, 2008

this coming week is going to kill me

subtitled: it’s worse than I thought!

Monday: internship 12-4 (no classes yet…thank god), also don’t have to work my two shifts like I normally would (I open and close on mondays, 8:30-10 and then 9pm-midnight, then open the next morning…yes I am psychotic)

Tuesday: work 8:30-noon, class noon-noon:50, internship (at the moment 1-4 but thank god I was writing this blog entry and realized I’m double booked – travel takes about 20 mins-half an hour to internship, and I emailed them about it), then info session 5-9:30

Wednesday: class all day, getting things signed and approved, tracking down professors I need to talk to

Thursday: interview at 9am, hopefully rescheduling my internship hours this week to this day  because tuesday is looking tough.

don’t ask when I’m going to eat. I actually have no clue. Which is ironic. My last semester mirrors my first semester (when I literally had no time to eat…class all day from 10am-5pm, I stopped studying spanish after 5 years just so I could have a late lunch)

thank god for my obsessive blogging…because without it I wouldn’t have realized I had myself scheduled to get from Morningside Heights to Soho in 10 minutes. For those of you who have been to NYC…please stop laughing now. For those of you who haven’t…let’s just say it requires two different trains, and then a few blocks of walking past a housing project, an elementary school, and art galleries. Yes, they are all on the same block. Did I mention my internship is on the 8th floor of a gallery? With an antique elevator that requires an elevator operator? Also did I mention that I may have over extended myself this semester?


  1. Wow, busy, busy, busy. Good Luck!

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