Posted by: epsyck | January 18, 2008

This is my life at the moment:

sleepy kittens

(I’m pretty sure if you click on that you might get a bigger photo…maybe)

Anyway. I have (from left to right) Cally and Harley sleeping behind my butt. I was sitting using my laptop, and they decided to take a nap in the sun on my fluffy blanket (which is a favorite of theirs). Now one of them (I think it’s Harley) is snoring little tiny kitty snores while they nap in the sun. They’re so cute when they aren’t being evil.  Also, they are sisters (the other cat in the house is their brother as well, but he doesn’t like sleeping in my room as much as the girls – actually they think its their room because when they first came home from CNY cat rescue they hid under my bed in a storage bin full of sweaters for a while). It’s hilarious to watch them. They all clean eachothers’ butts, they fight but they also snuggle, and for some reason even when they’re gnawing on someone’s leg, it quickly transitions into grooming. And sometimes I’m fairly sure they have no idea who they’re grooming when they’re all lumped into a pile.

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