Posted by: epsyck | January 21, 2008

Why I am not a smart person

Doesn’t it suck when you forget things when you’re travelling? Doesn’t it suck even more when you accidentally leave something somewhere when you were away travelling?

In this case, I left my little bag with knitting needles and, more importantly, my yarn needle, at home. They’ll be sent to me, no worries there. But I am THIS CLOSE to finishing my knucks. And by this close, I mean I just have to do the sewn bind off and weave in ends.

And I was even going to post a FO photo…

But sadly, you will all (yes, all two of you) have to wait until I get that package…or run off to the LYS (they’re closed on monday) to see my pretty purple knucks.

Anyway, I made it back to the city, my fish looks happy to be home as well (in his tank with the bright light and rock that he can swim through). A few of my roommates are back, one of them moved out (she wasn’t really friends with us, just got stuck here in the housing lottery). I went grocery shopping (there will be chicken soup for dinner tomorrow I think).

And most importantly, I have spent the day preparing for my job interview on thursday. I honestly never thought I would really care enough about a job interview to prepare this hard (honestly, I’m that person who goes in without preparing and always gets the job – I have only not gotten the job/position twice – once was as a research assistant to a professor but she chose someone in her field which would make sense, and the other was getting accepted to Yale and honestly, I’m glad I didn’t go to Yale). Also I should point out that I don’t go into things expecting to get them, in fact I usually go into them feeling that it’s a lost cause and I don’t have a chance, which is probably why I’m not so nervous and exude confidence or some such nonsense. I’m apparently very good at keeping my voice even and not showing any excitement or nervousness in those sorts of situations (not to be confused with other situations – like when I spent the entire movie grabbing Brett’s arm during No Country for Old Men). With any luck I will get this job – although this is a far from sure thing. But I really really really want it. Preparing for this interview has pretty much removed any of my doubts.

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