Posted by: epsyck | February 1, 2008

Why I hate NYC winters.

I grew up in an area famous for its horrific winters. Really. We always win the golden snowball (awarded to the city with the most snow out of the 5 largest cities in New York state – not including NYC because they don’t get snow). Mind you it isn’t as bad as someplaces, but we are tough people. I laughed at the reactions I got after explaining that we had class cancelled because the wind chill was below -36 degrees F (state law mandates it blahblahblah). But living in NYC has shown me a new kind of winter. The really really horrible kind.

For example, today it was only 36 (not bad at all! completely doable in fact). And it was raining (a pain, especially here because it doesn’t drain, but again, I can survive). But there were gale force winds (combined with the wind tunnels…it can be a pain). And the windchill was low – somewhere in the teens/20s. Basically, you were being rained on but still freezing. But I survived (although by the time I got home by skittles were frozen, and frozen skittles are inedible unless you like broken teeth).

Long story short, it was cold, but I survived. And will not be leaving the apartment tomorrow if it’s at all possible. But that’s ok, because have knitting. In fact, I have too much knitting. But that is certainly not the worst thing that could happen.


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