Posted by: epsyck | February 3, 2008

Knitting as an avoidance technique

There is no way I believe that I am the only person who uses knitting as something to do so that I don’t have to do everything else. For example, I knit a HUGE pair of slipper socks (seriously, if they were for me, they would be sleeves, not socks) in about 3-4 days. And didn’t do anything for my thesis. I also swatched for a neck warmer from some Noro, started a pair of red/purple socks, and gave up on the sweater I was working on (right now I need mindless knitting, which means not all over cables, so I’m making a stockinette raglan cardigan). God I love stockinette. I don’t have to pay attention, I just knit and read, or watch tv or movies.

Speaking of reading, I’m currently reading Rezivor by Gogol. I think the english translation of the title is either The Inspector General or The Government Inspector (depending on who you’re talking to). It’s a great play, a town hears that a government inspector is coming and starts freaking out because they are all corrupt (think not feeding the prisoners, having the wife of a non-com officer flogged, and having dirty smoking patients in the hospital). There just so happens to be a young man coming from St. Petersburgh at the same time. He’s stuck there because he ran out of money, but the town is convinced that he is the inspector and gives him money and pampers him. But of course meanwhile they miss the real inspector and hilarity ensues. I will actually be performing this in May. It’s for my art credit/practice speaking Russian.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. Honestly, I enjoy football on TV (not in person – I always get the asshole in my row which ruins the game). And it’ll be extra fun this year because we’re having a party (food, beer, etc.). Most of the provisions have been purchased, but I have to see if I can find some pulled pork somewhere. At home it would be easy, in my neighborhood…not so much. And I started a tweed sweater tonight so that I can make sure to have something to knit tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow I WILL clean and do laundry. And finish my homework. I will I will I will. Or something.

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