Posted by: epsyck | February 12, 2008

I am really confused…

We didn’t have water for a while. Luckily it came back (since I had to do dishes if I wanted to eat tonight), but it was weird. And the guy I had to call at security was kind of annoyed until he heard it was a legitimate problem (i.e. not a roach or a burnt out light bulb).

Also, all of my books are due in may instead of in two weeks. This is confusing because I should only be getting 4 week library loans, the semester long ones are for grad students only. Not that I’m complaining, but it’s strange.

Ummm…also, today was the first legitimately cold day all winter. Like single digits cold. I LOVE this weather, it’s what I grew up with (seriously, I lived in one of those places where you actually get to take advantage of the state law that says you have to cancel school when the windchill is -26 or lower). I never thought I’d miss it, but I really do. Anyway, cold weather, icky windchill, yada yada yada. It was great.

I’ve decided to go to grad school after all (it’ll be interesting trying to afford it, but at least Pittsburgh is cheaper than NYC). And I’m going to be applying for a job on campus this summer (it’s basically a pre-college program and being an RA for it…I did work as a camp counselor so basically it’s that with A/C). I figure it’ll be fun, and I lose nothing by applying (I get free housing and a stipend for the summer, so it works).

There is knitting happening, it’s just REALLY boring knitting. I have about half the back of a cardigan, I knit a mitten this weekend (although it does not fit me it does in fact look like a mitten which is impressive given the lack of a pattern). That will be fixed at some time this week.

Oh, and I’m going to a taping of the Martha Stewart Show! It’s all about knitting, and I realize that it is incredibly lame, but I love Martha. She actually went to Barnard back in the day. Hopefully it’ll be fun.

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