Posted by: epsyck | February 15, 2008

Why yes, I should be in class..

I have a good excuse though. I’m fine when laying down. A little eh when I’m sitting up. But standing? I’ve got about 3 minutes before the world starts spinning. Needless to say, I’m staying home and babying myself for a little while.

There has been much planning here over the past few days. I’m working on cleaning out my things in the fridge/cabinets/freezer so I’ve been creatively planning meals. Nothing that exciting yet, but what IS exciting is why I’m cleaning out my pantry (it isn’t just because we had tiny paychecks this week due to the Christmas holidays). For Christmas I got Please to the Table, a book of Russian recipes, food lore/history, and personal anecdotes. It was really written for the Soviet Union (and thus includes discussions on many other countries), but honestly I can say the food is pretty much exactly the same in modern Russia. I really love Russian food, there is so much more to it than just cabbage and the stereotypes (although they DO eat a lot of cabbage, I think they actually eat more tomatoes, and god do they love fish…I can no longer eat fish I ate so much of it there).  Without a doubt there will be some Pelmeni in my future. They’re siberian dumplings which are filled with a pork/beef mixture and then frozen so that they can be cooked whenever convenient (historically they were hung in canvas bags outside…because Siberia is WAY colder than your freezer). I’m also thinking about making Kachapuri, but that will have to wait. Kachapuri is sort of like Georgian pizza, a round yeast dough with cheese (or a bean based mixture) in the middle. Georgian food is like Mexican food in Russia. It’s cheap, there are restaurants and cafes everywhere, and it’s really really tasty. A lot of these recipes I’m dying to cook, but they just aren’t realistic in this apartment. Either I don’t have all the equipment (mostly due to space constraints), or I would have to travel a ridiculous distance to get the ingredients (don’t get me started on this neighborhood’s lack of butchers – is it so much to ask for someplace to go order half a pound of ground beef?), or it just makes such huge portions that it would be ridiculous (this is the problem with kachapuri – this recipe feeds 8).

But mostly this weekend is going to involve cleaning. I really need to clean and pare down my belongings. Since I will be moving again this year (this time to another state) I have to reduce some of the clutter. I know a lot of my books will be going into storage (I managed to get a large number of Russian books from the library when they were getting rid of them), and a lot of clothing will be donated (because I’ve outgrown it, I have no use for it, or I just never wear it). So I figure I might as well start now.

And anyway, I have to get rid of another pair of shoes. I’m going shopping tonight with a friend and am hoping to be able to find another pair of dress shoes or perhaps a new pair of black mary janes (mine are getting a little iffy). More important even than shoes (the horror! something more important than shoes?!?) is the white blouse I need to pick up (luckily Filene’s Basement is in the same building as DSW and is near a Barnes and Noble where I can pick up Prisoner of the Mountain). I know what you’re thinking, she doesn’t have a white blouse? Well, I do. I bought it in Russia actually (see, we’re coming full circle!), although it’s ivory and not white I love it to pieces. Unfortunately, it has this big long tie sash thing which is very cute, but will make me look like I have a bow shaped tumor if I wear it under a sweater, which is what I’m planning on doing. Apparently my last job interview went well, so I made it to the next round, which requires a trip to DC (which is paid for by the company – they even book my flight for me). Hopefully I’ll get to do a little sight seeing, since at least a few of the days are only half day and it’s been 5 years since I’ve been to DC. But it does mean that a few purchases must be made and outfits must be planned, and hotel reservations figured out.

Oh, and I’ve been knitting. I’m about halfway through a sock, halfway through the back of a cardigan, and have planned my next socks (I want to try that whole knit two at once thing), as well as uses for all that Jaeger Trinity that was supposed to be a sweater but which just did not work out.


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