Posted by: epsyck | February 22, 2008


I vary rarely knit in public. This mostly has to do with my status as a hermit, but also because I don’t really have anywhere to do it. My subway trips tend to not be long enough to knit on. But today on my way to the airport I took a sock. I figured, hey, I have to stay awake, I might as well knit some mindless stockinette in the round. Nobody even glanced at me on the LIRR commuter train. The airport on the other hand… The guy next to me, the flight attendant, and everyone near me was staring (actually just the people sitting near me stared, the guy and the attendent were interested and asked questions).

For the record, I don’t mind. I think it’s cool to ask and I’m always willing to talk about it. But it also surprises me sometimes that people are amazed I can knit socks. I guess it’s something that is so mass produced these days that we don’t think about the handmade variety.

But now, I sleep. I think I might actually be able to sleep tonight, assuming that the cats don’t attempt to break down my door in the middle of the night, thus waking me up. They’re crafty little devils.



  1. I love knitting on the bus to and from work. I get the same thing some people just stare, then other people see you and specifically try and sit right next to you so they can watch and ask questions… but I find those ones a little annoying, I’m counting damnit! lol w00t, go knitting in public!

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