Posted by: epsyck | February 26, 2008

Ancient knitting magazines

Ok, not ancient, but fairly old.

This weekend I went home for a few days. Mostly it was because I have been super stressed this month and I really needed to get out of the city. It was a great visit with yummy food and a spectacular bbq pork sandwich just before I got on the plane.

More importantly (or perhaps more on topic for a knitting blog) I picked up a few knitting magazines that belonged to my aunt, who originally taught me to knit when I was like 8 (I didn’t have the patience). Anyway I now own the Fall 1999 Knitter’s magazine which is awesome. No, I would not wear most of the patterns (although there is at least one which I want to knit). BUT the great thing is that there is an article detailing how to resize a pattern (pretty in depth too) as well as one that gives some more unusual button ideas (i.e. hiding button holes in a cable). I really enjoyed flipping through it. I also found the first knitting magazine I ever got, some indeterminate magazine with all lion brand yarn from 2001. BUT it has a super cute flag afghan that shows something like 12 different international flags with directions on charting more. Should be fun to play with.

And I finally made my hotel reservation for the job interview. Woo. Now all I have to do is decide between a taxi and a car rental. I’m now leaning more towards taxi since my hotel has THREE restaurants in it (a pizza hut, an irish sports bar, and a nicer restaurant).

Oh, and tomorrow there will actually be photos. Really. I promise. I got some SUPER CUTE deals at Macys and Lord and Taylor this weekend (as well as a great jacket at H&M) that I want to show off because I absolutely love them. And I have to show off my $67 pantsuit. On sale from THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY DOLLARS!

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