Posted by: epsyck | February 29, 2008

this summer

I have decided that, salary be damned, I am working at a summer  camp this year. I worked at one a few years ago, loved the kids, hated my camp director and the fact that they lied about having licensed medical personnel in the camp at all times (mind you, this mattered as we were on an island in the middle of a nature preserve…but I digress). Right now I am about THIS close to getting a job as an arts and crafts counselor at a camp in Maine that comes with a very good salary for camp work (2100 + 100 for a travel allowance, to put that in context, I made 1200 at my last camp job). And it just sounds like a great camp, I got along really well with the camp director on the phone, and I would get to work with the little kids (we live in bunks and I would basically make sure they could get off to their daily things with their other counselors before I went off to my job).

But seriously. 2100 for a summer living in a cabin in Maine teaching arts and crafts. How could I say no? And really, it’s the last time I get to do something like this. (Oh, also, super cool arts program. Their jewelery studio uses fine metals like gold and silver and they have actual weaving looms!) .

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