Posted by: epsyck | March 2, 2008

Oh look, some photos! finally!

Made from a single ball of Noro Iro. I look silly in a sweatshirt with it, but it’s sunday and I rarely bother to get out of sweats. And I’m proud of this so I wanted to blog it! The neckwarner was knit flat on straight #9 needles (from SP11!), the pattern is a modified broken rib pattern (I cut the repeat in half so there was more going on). Then I picked up some stitches on the end to make a simple stockinette button band with yo button holes and some buttons I had laying around. It worked out well because the button band ended up brown and the buttons are sort of brass colored. The head thing is sort of like a calorimetry but I cut the stitches down to 82 or 84 (I can’t remember) and just did short rows until I ran out of stitches. Then instead of a button (since I only had a yard of yarn left) I just sewed the ends together to make a slightly more traditional headband shape. I’m very happy with them, and it’s still cold enough to need them!

this was one of the best dinners I had in a while. Orzo, spinach, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, feta, and pistachios. Mmm. I’m taking some for lunch tomorrow so I can actually go to the gym.

And finally, this is winter personified for me. During the winter they wrap all the trees on college walk in christmas lights. (College Walk is actually 116th street where it cuts through Columbia’s campus and it’s not open to traffic.) I love walking through the lights and it is probably one of the most beautiful things when there is snow on the ground.

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