Posted by: epsyck | March 14, 2008

Noro Sock Yarn

Honestly, I love the colors. I do not love the fact that it tangles like hell (including right out of the ball) and it already broke once (at the color change, so it’s not particularly unexpected). I am torn on it, I love it, but it also makes me crazy. Luckily, I am not making socks out of this sock yarn, choosing instead to make it my first lace project! That’s right, I have branched out and started my first lace project. It’s a fairly simple scarf patten that I found on ravelry (I will link to it and show photos later…when it looks like something more than a really pretty fishing net). I think this is going to be the project I take with me when I go to DC for the job interview.

Speaking of the job interview, I confirmed my flights and my hotel room, so I apparently will indeed be going down. Eep. I’m a little nervous, although not as nervous as I feel like I should be. The funny thing is, I’m not scared about whether or not I will get the job. I’ve made it this far, which is amazing, and I THINK I will be getting it, although I don’t want to jinx myself. Everyone I’ve talked to at the company so far has been very supportive and have told me point blank that they hope very much that I get one of the positions. Which is a great ego boost. But seriously, how strange is it that the thing I am most worried about is a cab getting me to my meetings every day on time? I have to talk to the hotel’s front desk to make sure that I set something up the night before, but it should be an experience either way.

And, since this is already really long: FOOD!

Yesterday I made curried squash and chicken soup for dinner. It’s SO easy, just requiring frozen squash, coconut milk, water, thai red curry paste, and some spinach. It’s also one of the few things I’ve cooked that looks exactly like the cookbook. And for dessert I made rice pudding. I also ate all of that rice pudding (which is embarassing – but it was SO GOOD).

now, I must clean. we’re having some work done on the heating system, which means that I need to clean my room so that (a) it isn’t embarrassing and (b) they can GET to my heater.

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