Posted by: epsyck | March 22, 2008

note to self:

1) Next time anyone tries to suggest I fly in or out of Laguardia Airport – remember to RUN THE OTHER WAY. My flight was about 5 hours late last night. Because there were too many flights scheduled to go into LGA. So they chose mine to be 5 hours late.

2) The next time I make this white chili recipe – halve the the chili peppers. I am DYING. Not only am I drinking my red stripe Jamaican lager (I love it, and the bottle is so strangely shaped), but I also had to resort to a glass of milk. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but I can’t exactly taste anything with all the burning going on.

At least my job interview is basically over – either I will get it or I will not at this point, which is actually fairly comforting. Tonight will be spent knitting my squirrel sweater and perhaps also my lace scarf.


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