Posted by: epsyck | March 28, 2008

Ahh, the future

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the next couple of years. This coming year I’ll be living in Pittsburgh, then after that it’s either off to Virginia or an attempt to find a job elsewhere. Originally I thought I would want to stay somewhere in the same region (i.e. the north east) but lately I’ve been thinking about possibly moving farther afield. I’m not talking about moving out to the middle of nowhere (not really interested in Iowa or the Dakotas for example), but a change of pace might be fun. My current fantasy is moving to Canada – although this would actually make more sense for me than moving down south. I almost went to school at McGill. I grew up close enough to the border that I never considered Canada all that foreign (in upstate NY when you can leave after breakfast and get there by lunch – it might as well be the next town over). Hell, according to my friends my accent sounds like I’m either Canadian or from Fargo (damn O’s – this is the reason why I can’t live in Chicago, Toronto, or Ontario).

Anyway, the point is, not only would it be fun to get a change of pace for a few years (I’m not limiting this to Canada, I’ve also looked at a few jobs in some larger cities in the US – although I’m limited since I need 4 seasons and a steady supply of maple syrup to survive, right now it’s either NYC or Mass. if I stay in the region), but there seem to be a decent number of academic libraries positions which don’t require you to already have 10 years of experience (which is what I’m finding a lot of through the ALA). Who knows, maybe I will finally fulfill my life long dream of seeing a mountie in dress uniform. And yes, that is on my list of things to do, along with seeing penguins in the wild. I’ve seen deer and moose and rattlesnakes, but never a (wild) penguin.

Oh, and I think I chose my couch for next year! I’ve been doing some furniture scouting for my apartment in pittsburgh, and I found a cute little couch at ikea (it needs to be inexpensive so that if I have to move I can either sell it without worrying about a loss or donate it or something, because relocation expenses are usually not included in academic jobs). Still don’t know about the apartment I applied for though. Soon. Supposedly sometime next week.

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