Posted by: epsyck | April 3, 2008

OK, so this is quick because I should be asleep

1) I made feta corn muffins tonight. They were strangely amazing. We’ve all been eating them. Even better with some ham. The recipe is from Moldova and my Russian cookbook. Seriously, they’re strange, but amazing.

2) I think I found somewhere to live next year! It’s a shared house in a nice (and SAFE) neighborhood that is decently far away from the University (I don’t want to be surrounded by students) while still being close enough to be a comfortable commute (like 20 mins). And down the street from a liquor store (this is important because in PA you have to buy anything with alcohol in a liquor store – talk about culture shock from NY where you can buy beer in grocery stores, and from Russia where you can buy hard liquor pretty much anywhere), a grocery store, and A YARN STORE. .6 MILES FROM ONE OF THE MAIN YARN SHOPS IN PITTSBURGH!

3) Oh, and it’s a really nice house with laundry in the building, and it’s furnished (convenient).

4) Since it’s a fairly affordable rent (350-400/month plus utilities) I can actually afford to spend money at the yarn shop HALF A MILE FROM MY FRONT DOOR!

This is not 100% yet, as I’m waiting to hear back from the woman who owns the houses, but I’ve seen photos and it’s a beautiful house, in a nice neighborhood, and honestly I’m pretty much sold once I saw where the grocery store, yarn shop, and bus stop were. You can’t get much more convenient. With the exception of work and class, I can mostly live inside my little bubble of the neighborhood (I won’t lie, I’m a homebody, I love to travel, but I also love to just hang out at home).

So seriously, yay!


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