Posted by: epsyck | April 9, 2008


So I definitely have somewhere to live next year. I have not yet signed my lease, because I have a friend stopping by when she goes home for Passover, but barring the house being full of roaches and rats, I can’t see turning it down. (And for the record, the photos are great – newly renovated etc.)

The weird thing is I have to plan moving. Since the absolute longest I will be living in Pittsburgh is a year, I’m planning on downsizing…a lot. And since it’s a furnished house, I can downsize. It’s going to be tough to get all of my things home, but moving down to PA should be a breeze (a big suitcase, a box of yarn, some of my specialized kitchen utensils, a box of books, and my laptop).

I’ve already met two people on Ravelry who will also be starting at Pitt in the library science program, and I’m hoping to meet some people in the city that will be able to compare to my friends in NYC (for all the hell that Barnard has put me through – I have met some incredible friends here).

Also, my thesis is almost done! I’m editing it at the moment, and then all I have to do is write a conclusion and get it bound. And then I’m done. Really. Done. I don’t even have finals this year (a take home and short oral exam for Russian, and a play for my theater class – and neither of those count). So after my May 6 performance of Gogol’s Revizor – I am free to wander around the city until May 20 when I graduate. It’s an amazing opportunity, and I have to make sure I get my ID validated so I can go to art museums for free (we have a deal or something…but I don’t have the correct sticker on my ID to get it).

I’ve noticed something though. Every school I have ever attended has had the same color scheme and basically the same mascot. My high school is the West Genesee Wildcats (Blue and Gold), Columbia are the Lions (barnard are the bears – and our main rival is Princeton, who are the tigers = lions and tigers and bears – OH MY!) with baby blue and white as our colors, and the University of Pittsburgh are the Panthers with blue and gold as their colors.


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