Posted by: epsyck | April 21, 2008

I’ve started thinking about life after college. I have somewhere to live next year (at least at the moment, I haven’t signed my lease yet, but I am very close), a job, etc. And more exciting, I have signed up to be an Alumna Admissions Representative for Barnard. Basically that means I’ll be the alumna who hangs out at college fairs and conducts interviews. I’m actually really excited about this. I have had problems with Barnard over the years, but in the end I really do love it (mostly because of the slavic department and my job over the past 4 years). I also recognize that it has helped me to get into grad school and to get a job. (It will also allow me to tell people who want to be a dual major that if they want to do it, great, it won’t really help them get a job, but also to plan ahead for getting your senior thesis agreed on by both departments – I did not and the trouble has come to a head at the last minute, which brings me to the next bit of news).

I’m now a single major – or rather will be soon when my paperwork is filed. Which will hopefully be tomorrow.

Over the past few days, I have been watching a hilarious old tv show (The Professor and the Nanny – in color!) and mending costumes for my play. Even though I’m not in charge of the costumes (I’m doing props) I’m still stuck doing all the mending since I’m the only one who can sew. I wouldn’t care, except I also have to run all around the city looking for props. Oh, and the fact that I really…really…really hate the kid who is supposed to be in charge of costumes. He is one of those people who thinks he’s better than everyone else and doesn’t hide it. He’s a fulbright scholar and thinks he knows everything (just because he’s good at Russian doesn’t mean he’s smart – or nice). I’ve been trying to be nice for the entire year, but he has finally gotten on my last nerve. I am trying to be a good/nice person – but I have a couple more weeks.

(For the record, this isn’t just me not liking him, the other people in our class agree with me. He’s the kind of person who shows up 30 minutes late for his oral final exam – throwing the rest of us off for the entire day. And who doesn’t show up to class most of the time but still gets A’s. Also, he insulted one of the desk attendants at Barnard saying “You can see why he has that kind of a job.” implying that he was stupid because the attendant didn’t understand what this kid said at first. This was insulting because not only is that attendant a really nice guy, but because apparently now anyone who isn’t exactly like him is worse than him. Also, he over acts. A lot. I mean this is a grotesque comedy, but at the same time, it is not necessary to throw your costumes and props around the room which results in their loss or to knock over the table and chairs every time you go through a scene. It’s just silly. I like to think that I’m nice, but I no longer have any patience for him.)


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