Posted by: epsyck | May 14, 2008

knitty city and the end of an era

I headed over to knitty city today (or rather down since it’s about 40 blocks south and half a block west from my apartment). I needed to buy some lace weight yarn for a scarf I’m knitting for my Russian adviser (she’s been really helpful this year, so I wanted to thank her for it by giving her a gift). I ended up deciding on some charcoal/black lamb lace weight – super soft. I’ve already finished about half of the boarder on it so I’m really excited that it’s going this quickly. Also picked up some dream in color baby lace weight is a super pretty pink/lavender color. Oh and a book of orenburg lace patterns. I haven’t decided what I’ll make out of the pink stuff, but Mara’s scarf is going well.

As for school – I am now done. I graduate on tuesday and wednesday (tuesday is barnard’s ceremony and wednesday is columbia’s), but until then all I have to do is finish packing and sit and knit the scarf (I’d love to finish it before commencement, but I don’t think that I’ll be able to – doesn’t mean I won’t knit as much as possible to finish it before tuesday!).


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