Posted by: epsyck | June 3, 2008

I’m an adult!

Seriously. It’s been a long time, but I’ve been a busy girl.

I graduated from Columbia University (Barnard College) on May 21. I turned 22 on May 23. And moved home for about a month before I head up to Maine and a girls summer camp (I’ll be teaching arts and crafts!). Oh, and did I mention that this totally awesome camp has 4 full sized looms? I get to learn to weave!

Also, I just got an apartment in Pittsburgh just yesterday/today. It’s small, but close to campus and I won’t have any roommates. And it’s just down the street from a little asian supermarket which means I can indulge my love of asian food.

And I have a job at the archives at Pitt. I will be taking a huge pay cut (like 10$ down to 7.15), but I’m getting some tuition forgiveness so it’s worth it.

in other news I’ve had the hiccups for 3 hours. and no sign of stopping. sadly, this isn’t particularly unusual.


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