So I have finished my thesis in terms of page length (it is indeed over 50 pages at the moment), but not in terms of information. In fact, I haven’t even started the final chapter, you know, the one where I pull it all together and evaluate my questions.

Also, I have a Russian test on wednesday. Have I mentioned that I haven’t been doing much work for it over the past week because I felt very not well and didn’t realize our test was this soon.

Oh, and I have rehersals for the play I’m in (for a class…that I need to graduate) 3-4 days a week. And I still haven’t memorized all of my lines.

Let’s just say that I am currently freaking out and just hoping to survive the next week without having a nervous breakdown. Also, I have to remember to run to the video rental place and rent the movie that half of my test is based on (I have one of them but not the other).

Now, I need to finish the last bit of my thesis draft for the day, and try to go memorize vocabulary very very quickly…I can’t WAIT to be in the library science program. Honestly, it can not be as bad as this. No matter what it can’t be this tough. (Speaking of which, I’m still looking for an apartment, but I’ve sent out a bunch of inquiries and will hopefully hear back in the next week about what people have open).

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Ahh, the future

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the next couple of years. This coming year I’ll be living in Pittsburgh, then after that it’s either off to Virginia or an attempt to find a job elsewhere. Originally I thought I would want to stay somewhere in the same region (i.e. the north east) but lately I’ve been thinking about possibly moving farther afield. I’m not talking about moving out to the middle of nowhere (not really interested in Iowa or the Dakotas for example), but a change of pace might be fun. My current fantasy is moving to Canada – although this would actually make more sense for me than moving down south. I almost went to school at McGill. I grew up close enough to the border that I never considered Canada all that foreign (in upstate NY when you can leave after breakfast and get there by lunch – it might as well be the next town over). Hell, according to my friends my accent sounds like I’m either Canadian or from Fargo (damn O’s – this is the reason why I can’t live in Chicago, Toronto, or Ontario).

Anyway, the point is, not only would it be fun to get a change of pace for a few years (I’m not limiting this to Canada, I’ve also looked at a few jobs in some larger cities in the US – although I’m limited since I need 4 seasons and a steady supply of maple syrup to survive, right now it’s either NYC or Mass. if I stay in the region), but there seem to be a decent number of academic libraries positions which don’t require you to already have 10 years of experience (which is what I’m finding a lot of through the ALA). Who knows, maybe I will finally fulfill my life long dream of seeing a mountie in dress uniform. And yes, that is on my list of things to do, along with seeing penguins in the wild. I’ve seen deer and moose and rattlesnakes, but never a (wild) penguin.

Oh, and I think I chose my couch for next year! I’ve been doing some furniture scouting for my apartment in pittsburgh, and I found a cute little couch at ikea (it needs to be inexpensive so that if I have to move I can either sell it without worrying about a loss or donate it or something, because relocation expenses are usually not included in academic jobs). Still don’t know about the apartment I applied for though. Soon. Supposedly sometime next week.

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note to self:

1) Next time anyone tries to suggest I fly in or out of Laguardia Airport – remember to RUN THE OTHER WAY. My flight was about 5 hours late last night. Because there were too many flights scheduled to go into LGA. So they chose mine to be 5 hours late.

2) The next time I make this white chili recipe – halve the the chili peppers. I am DYING. Not only am I drinking my red stripe Jamaican lager (I love it, and the bottle is so strangely shaped), but I also had to resort to a glass of milk. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but I can’t exactly taste anything with all the burning going on.

At least my job interview is basically over – either I will get it or I will not at this point, which is actually fairly comforting. Tonight will be spent knitting my squirrel sweater and perhaps also my lace scarf.

Posted by: epsyck | March 14, 2008

Noro Sock Yarn

Honestly, I love the colors. I do not love the fact that it tangles like hell (including right out of the ball) and it already broke once (at the color change, so it’s not particularly unexpected). I am torn on it, I love it, but it also makes me crazy. Luckily, I am not making socks out of this sock yarn, choosing instead to make it my first lace project! That’s right, I have branched out and started my first lace project. It’s a fairly simple scarf patten that I found on ravelry (I will link to it and show photos later…when it looks like something more than a really pretty fishing net). I think this is going to be the project I take with me when I go to DC for the job interview.

Speaking of the job interview, I confirmed my flights and my hotel room, so I apparently will indeed be going down. Eep. I’m a little nervous, although not as nervous as I feel like I should be. The funny thing is, I’m not scared about whether or not I will get the job. I’ve made it this far, which is amazing, and I THINK I will be getting it, although I don’t want to jinx myself. Everyone I’ve talked to at the company so far has been very supportive and have told me point blank that they hope very much that I get one of the positions. Which is a great ego boost. But seriously, how strange is it that the thing I am most worried about is a cab getting me to my meetings every day on time? I have to talk to the hotel’s front desk to make sure that I set something up the night before, but it should be an experience either way.

And, since this is already really long: FOOD!

Yesterday I made curried squash and chicken soup for dinner. It’s SO easy, just requiring frozen squash, coconut milk, water, thai red curry paste, and some spinach. It’s also one of the few things I’ve cooked that looks exactly like the cookbook. And for dessert I made rice pudding. I also ate all of that rice pudding (which is embarassing – but it was SO GOOD).

now, I must clean. we’re having some work done on the heating system, which means that I need to clean my room so that (a) it isn’t embarrassing and (b) they can GET to my heater.

Posted by: epsyck | March 8, 2008

this has nothing to do with knitting

My boyfriend and I are taking a break. Or rather, I am not really interested in dealing with his problems at the moment (honestly, I really do care about the boy – but I have my own life to get into order and I was sort of sick of having to deal with all of his problems on top of mine). I’m not really happy with it, but I know I wouldn’t really be happy with it if we were together either, so that’s my consolation.

Anyway, I’ve signed up for a dating site (before you judge me – it’s really the only way to meet people in NYC, I mean we can’t make eye contact in public because…well…you just don’t). And it’s weird. I mean I met my ex online so it shouldn’t be, but it is! Also, I need new photos which is strange. I hate taking photos. I’m hoping me and my friends will go out again tomorrow so I can get a new photo for my various profiles (mine are all like a year old).

Oh, also, I finished another pair of socks, which are actually currently on my feet. They be reddish. (photo will follow when it isn’t 4am)

speaking of it being 4am – I really need to go to bed so I can get up and clean tomorrow. So much cleaning.

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Melo-m is officially my new favorite band.

They are a cello trio from Latvia and they play a variety of music – but primarily rock and alternative. Except that they’re a cello trio!  So imagine three cellos playing Ah-Ha’s “Take on Me”, or the theme from The GhostBusters, or 99 Red Balloons, or Gloria’s “I will survive” — or “Ring of Fire”!

Honestly, favorite new CD. And it’s upbeat enough to work out to. Which is good because sometimes I get bored with my huge music collection and want to listen to classical without falling asleep (most of my classical collection is relaxation – with a few ballets which I performed the music to back in high school).

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cold weather accessories

I just read this post about winter wear collections that totally reminded me of my childhood. We too had a huge collection of hats, gloves, mittens, scarfs, etc. except ours wasn’t in a basket but in the closet next to the front door. It sort of reminded me that I want to do something like that in my home, when I get one of course. You have to have unlimited collections so that when you lose one, or it gets pushed down into the couch, or left at work, there is another one right there.  I guess my obsession with winter wear has to do with growing up in a cold climate. I have Syracuse to thank for my blase attitude towards snow (seriously, if you can open the door, you’re fine), my love of the color orange and lacrosse, and my pseudo canadian accent (it’s in the o’s and a’s…no matter how long I am away from upstate NY, I can never lose the o’s and the a’s – my friends love it when I have to say something like Chicago, Ontario, or, their favorite, Fargo. they’re a great bunch.)

Oh, so yay, only about half a red sock left, and I have half a foot done on my green socks (which are turning out a little big, which is ok, I’ll just wear them at home). I’m turning into a sock machine. I like that I don’t have to think and my hands just work. Great for days like today where I am home sick with a minor stomach bug watching tv. It’s interesting though, I can’t watch Roswell during the day. Awesome tv show, I love the actors, etc. but it is just not a daytime tv show. Maybe that’s a personal hangup or something.

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I bought a dress

It’s a dress I have been thinking about buying since September. Yes. September. And it still hadn’t sold out in my size. So I bought it. Of course I was an idiot and it is shipping to an address that doesn’t exist anymore (LONG story…but I just updated the address on my card so it is now the right one).

Anyway, long story short. Hopefully she will get my email and get back to me about what she wants me to do about the address oopsie before it gets shipped. Because I would be an unhappy camper.

Also, WTF nyc. 8.25% sales tax really adds up!

Posted by: epsyck | March 3, 2008

So I just signed up for something to help me get back into shape after the holidays (it was bad…I don’t want to talk about it lol). Anyway, on Self Magazine’s website they have a little program thing where you can track your eating and exercise and win prizes. Of course I’m sure they sell my email or something, but whatever.

So anyway, I shouldn’t be home right now. But, my teacher has the flu. This is bad because the flu sucks, but it is also good for me because I have her for two classes and that means that all I have today is work and time to do some homework. It gave me time to go for a quick cardio and weight training break, as well as (soon) working on my thesis. The goal is to write like 3 pages today. I think I can do it. I have to go from like 1919 through 1989. Should be ok.

Posted by: epsyck | March 2, 2008


I totally just realized that my business trip/interview thing is in like two weeks. TWO WEEKS.

I still have to get my skirtsuit drycleaned. And buy replacement buttons for the one that somehow, somewhere fell off the sleeve (and no, I can’t find the extra buttons…I’ve had it for like 3 years and 4 moves).

Luckily I live in Manhattan. Can we say button shopping trip this week? Hopefully I can find someone to go with me. Because otherwise, I get to go wander through the fabric district.

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